Strange as it may seem, I do not expect all socialists to appreciate a website devoted to the future society to which socialists aspire. In particular, I do not expect approval from many who call themselves Marxists. They will say – if they deign to comment at all – that socialists should not waste time and effort speculating about the future but focus on analyzing and assisting current struggles by working people. They may quote Marx’s dismissive remarks about ‘ready-made utopias’ and ‘recipes for the cook-shops of the future’ or perhaps Engels’ assurance that the people alive at the time of the revolution ‘will know what to do.’

Down through the ages people have dreamed of a free and harmonious life based on social equality and voluntary cooperation. A life without rulers and ruled, bosses and underlings, rich and poor. However hard tyrants and exploiters may try to suppress this dream, they can never succeed. While the human race survives, the dream will always arise anew in human hearts and minds. Because until the last few thousand years the human race evolved as small bands of gatherers, hunters, fishers, and gardeners and the members of those bands were of equal status, shared what they had, and cooperated without compulsion. That early evolution hard-wired the dream into our very being.